Nadia Aït - Saïd is a native of the Gaspé Peninsula.  She  divides her time between  the sea in Gaspésie,  the Montreal urban setting and frequent trips abroad.  For  over  a  decade,  in  parallel with her artistic practice, she  has  been  deepenning  her  understanding  of  the applied Eastern philosophies as living wisdoms,  especially those of the  Tibetan tradition. Thus,  the two  paths  intertwine  flexibly,  interacting  and  feeding each other in the same territory of interiority .

Openness,  silence and  presence are at the heart of her approach.  All her research tends towards an understanding of the notion of identity in connection with impermanence.  Origin is the title she gave to all of her artistic  work.    The   texture - material    always    present   in   her    work metaphorically  illustrates  this  notion  of  essence  that  she attempts to identify.   Consisting  of  pleated  paper,  pasted  and  dyed,  it gives her work  a  timelessness  that  gracefully   combines   rough   accents   and modernity.

Attached  to  this  texture - material  are various altered materials, some picked,  some  received  as  offerings :  Tibetan  flags  aged by weather, clay,  incense  ash,  driftwood,  rusted  metal,  pieces  of  fabric already worn,  scraps  of  writing,  etc.   With  her,  the  gesture  of  the hand that gratefully  receives  is  a  ritual,  inviting  the  heart to a communion  with perpetual  motion, with the impermanence of all things. The artist molds, assembles, sews, pleats and scribes,  magnifying the finds that become, in a minimalist setting, invitation to dispossession and introspection.

Her  production  consists   of   mixed-media   artworks   and    immersive installations.  More recently, she has begun exploring performance and video,  which have opened other avenues. Driven by a great desire  to share,  she also encourages  the community to  collaborate regularly in the work in progress.

This  corpus  of  works  has  been  presented in different locations: artists centres, cultural centres, museums, galleries and embassies in Canada, the United States,  in France,  Belgium  and in Japan. Her works are also part  of  private  collections  in Quebec  and  in  Europe  and  of  public collections such as Loto-Quebec in Montréal.   In  2012,   Nadia Aït-Saïd received  an  artist  grant  from  the CALQ-CRÉ for the realization of her ENGRAMME installation.  The installation concludes a ten years cycle of research and creation.   ENGRAMME subscribes to the artist's approach as a transitional work.

The Musée de la Gaspésie, official partner of her project,  launched this exhibition. It has also be presented in 2014 at the Centre des arts visuels d'Amos.     ENGRAMME    was    finalist    for   the     "Artwork of the Year - Gaspésie" award in 2014.   The  installation  will be shown in 2015-2016 in various  locations,   including  the   Centre  d'exposition   Lethbridge,   in Ville St-Laurent and at the Maison de la culture Mercier, in Montreal. Recipient of  a grant  from  CALQ-CRE  in  2015  for  her   new MADRAS project,   the    artist   currently   focuses   on   a   more   relational   and participatory  approach.   This  recent  project  opens  up  new fields of exploration  and  will  be  made  from  thousands  of  scarves that she is currently gathering worldwide.