Offerings: women's prayers

I offered a  first manifestation of the Madras project to the artist and curator France Trépanier by participating in "Offerings", a project on aboriginal art called Mawita'jig.

"Women"s prayer"    is    a   video   performance   produced   in   collaboration   with   France   Trépanier   and videographer  Estelle  Marcoux,  broadcast  as  part  of  this  project at the Centre  d'artistes Vaste et Vague in Carleton- sur-Mer.

Each  one  of  those  scarves  belonged and was worn by women who are precious to me.  Each scarf has its own  story,  its  sacredness, its  secret, its  symbol…   they  have  been  presented  to  me  as  an  offering, as a unique and sacred sharing.

Through this ritual, I assemble them in one prayer, one offering.